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Solar Pods

Would you enjoy eating fresh veggies from your
Summit County garden, all year long?

High Altitude Gardening

Most people who move up to Summit County from more forgiving parts of the country give up on the prospect of growing their own fruits and vegetables after experiencing their first snowstorm in July, but with a little help from space age solar materials and insulation, not only can growing food be possible, it can be plentiful for at least 7 months of the year!

Solar PodGrowing and eating fruit and vegetables from your own backyard is not only fun, it also saves money, fossil fuels, and is higher in nutritional value than food found in the supermarkets, that is often harvested before it is ripe.

Independence Gardens offers a variety of gardens to fit within any budget and space constraints.

We use beautiful and sustainably harvested beetle kill for the raised beds, and the highest quality solar material for the lids.

The gardens are generally very productive, but at the same time, small enough for even a very busy person to maintain.

The pods can also be irrigated and set up on timers…making it practical even for those who travel often.

Solar PodsCones/Pods/and Beds

Solar Cones: Can be placed right over individual plants for protection from frost.

Solar Pods: Solar pods are for year round gardening. A typical solar pod is about 4’x8’ and can provide enough vegetables for two people. Sizes and designs are customized to meet each customers individual needs.

Covered Raised Bed Gardens: A raised bed garden with a bonnet is also available and will protect your crops from frost, and extend your growing season.

All these options are more affordable than you might imagine. Please call us if you have any questions, or stop by Alpine Gardens in Silverthorne; the Silverthorne Community Garden; or Summit Landscaping in Breckenridge for a first hand view of some of our handy work!

We are a local grassroots business that can make only a limited number of greenhouses each year, so be sure to call soon and get on our list.

All solar pod photos are from the book Solar Gardening, by Leandre and Gretchen Vogel Poisson, which we highly recommend! Another book we highly recommend is Four-Season Harvest by Eliot Coleman.