Herbal Product Information:

For more information on the availability of our products please email us.

Herbal Products

The products available from Mountains of Plenty are seasonal and are made in small batches. Locally wild harvested plants are used whenever possible and when these plants are not available plants and materials are sourced from Mountain Rose Herbs. This company has a high level of integrity in their products, selling many organic or wild harvested herbs. Our philosophy is that higher quality materials = a higher quality product.

Herbal ProductsSome of the products that Mountains of Plenty specializes in are: muscle, bone, ligament, and skin salves for outdoor enthusiasts, gardeners and carpenters, chapsticks, cough syrups, and a whole host of tinctures and teas for what ails you.

For an updated list of what is currently available please email us. We are also open to making up special blends on demand, or on giving classes and demonstrations on how to make your own products.

As there is a high demand for several stock items, larger batches of these are made and they are usually available. These include:

Organic Smile Chapstick – This chapstick contains *coconut butter, beeswax, *shea butter, honey, and vitamin E, and has a natural SPF of 5.

Arnica Salves – These salves contain arnica to help with fatigued and injured muscle tissue.

Purple FlowerAspen Salves – These salves are made from young Aspen Catkins in the spring. Aspen Catkins contain Salicylic Acid, which is the active ingredient in Aspirin. This salve is used to relieve pain.

Pans Secret – This blend of essential oils is an ancient recipe that has been used as an anti-bacterial. It can be used by those in the service industries to spray on hands after contact with germs. It can also be used on household objects or sprayed directly in the mouth at the first signs of a cold.

Yogini Tea – This tea is an ancient, spicy, chai that has been used by yogis for generations for its health giving properties.